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Monday, August 16, 2010

Hush Puppies Luggage Trade-in Offer

Went to take Today yesterday. I prefer Today to myPaper, apparently Today has more ads and promotion in it. I love ads. And Friday's paper is always thicker than ever.

Came across this

Hmm maybe i should trade in my (1)old ones. (Actually this old 1 was given by 'my' aunt, she got it for free when she applied for Airasia-CIMB credit card, if I am not mistaken).
(2) And the wheel are having problem now, they make alot of noise when i drag them in the airport. Everyone would be staring at me.
(3) Plus it is only $29, which is around 29 x 2.335 = RM67.715, ok la. not so expensive.
(4) It's Hush Puppies le!

OK set. I am going. Walane sure alot of ppl will go 1, better go JP 1. In case screwed up Fairprice Xtra 1, i still got The Travel Stores.

In spite of the fact that i actually lao sai twice this morning, i still took bus 172 all the way from CCK to JP.

Walane! so far.

When i reach JP, i headed straight to Fairprice Xtra. Din put too much hope in this cause it opens 24/7. Most probably sold out d. Went and asked, betul betul all habis liao. They said they started selling at 8, and already got ppl queue-ing up at 6. Walane!! Need or not??
Ans : Need.

Without even letting the Service counter ppl finish her sentence, I straightaway rushed to B1. WALANE!! it is only 9.45 in the morning, and the shop supposed to start at 11am, and i already see a long queue there liao.

Quickly go queue up. OK estimate roughly(on my way to the end of the queue) got around 70 ppl there... still go chance still got chance..

Really a lot of ppl laa...U see this yourself... I no hao siao you 1.

Then it's all the waiting, and the queue-ing, and the waiting....

Alot of ppl was looking at us, feels like inside the zoo/jurong birdpark. Kanne.

And then around 10.30am, the sales guy from The Travel Store gave us the so-called coupon.

I am the 86th guy...

If i come like 5 mins later then i can be like these guys d.

Strangely some luggage that they(customers) brought are actually in quite good condition. Haiya ppl wanna trade ma trade lo... U blow meh??!!

Unlike mine. The brand is Medoza. Tried Google it. Apparently is cheapo 1. Yala takkan Tony Fernandes wanna give u POLO 1 as free gifts. Else where he got the money to buy more awoplane and Lotus F1 hor?

Then i hear some noise behind the queue. An auntie was quarreling with the sales person.

"I tell you I am having a big issue with this! How could u just let ppl cut Q?!!"

Apparently a lady got her queue number, then she went to toilet or somewhere, then when coming back to the queue she terus masuk the Q. So some pissed off auntie is damn bo song. She very 'lan hui tok'.

JP securities have to be there to keep things in order.

Finally my turn liao. Maroon 1 or black 1? By the time i see these babies there are like altogether 15 left, 4 maroon left. I guess maroon is more popular..... My dear dear can use also next time.

Grab & pay for this baby, check the roller and the zippers and the locks etc....Quality is much better than expected. Solid.

On my way back I still see alot of ppl carrying their old luggage for trade in. Better luck next time.

This is going to be legendary!!

Walane feeling damn good lo... Sense of achievement !

P.s. On my way back saw and indian carrying his old luggage back home. And he was like staring at my new luggage. Inside his heart he must be damn tulan. How come this fella can get i and i dont. This is so unfair. Why why la why are You doing this to me??...blablabla.
Somemore we alight at the same bus stop. That joker also from CCK 1..Faster cabut. Else he rampas mine,

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 大開眼戒

bat yew jiok dang
nan foul sin gun ngo mo hak man yat man
yu goh ngo
lou chot lew zan san
hor wooi bei pou gun

geng po wai hei fun
soi dou bat zi ngo sam dai yao do ngam
yu bun seng si ze mo dai dang
zam gun nei siong can

ceng yan yu yok han hou kei
yew yao bei ngo hak pa dek zun bei
si man soi ho
kit bak mou bei

yu ho seng sao ze hou kei
dap on dai koi chi tai dou fong lei
yun cek lo siong doi
nan gao bat siong nei

dong nei mei fong sam
wak ze sin bat yew zao dak
ze mo kan
yu goh ngo
lou chot ban din moon san
ho ma siong jun san
zo ze yong gong sang
yu gei yan ho yi fan gai
zoi zong han
cong zou ngo
samo dou bat yew kan
ka si nei heng fun

ceng yan yu yok han hou kei
yew yao bei ngo hak pa dek zun bei
si man soi ho
kit bak mou bei

yu ho seng sao ze hou kei
dap on dai koi chi tai dou fong lei
dan nei zi yat ko yan
soi moot yao yan bei

gei siong sao gei siong tooi
fong wooi leng nei hei foon ngo
sun lei mou zo
nei ngoi ngo beet gun ngo
gei siong yi doh
gong ngo fong sam tam go

ceng yan yu yok han hou kei
yew yao bei ngo hak pa dek zun bei
si man soi ho
kit bak mou bei

yu hor seng sao ze hou kei
nei yao moot yao ngoi ngo dek zun bei
yok nei hei foon guai yan
kei sat ngo han mei

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Online TV (testing)